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Lastest news? 10-Jun-96? Help

Subject: Lastest news? 10-Jun-96? Help
From: Lahaye Olivier <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 09:32:04 GMT

I own a RC3330 MIPS workstation with 8Megs of RAM and a mochrome

Then I had a look at the linux-mips page
What I'd like to know is: at this time: whaich systems are supported.
Will my MIPS RC3330 be able to boot milo?

The latest news are date from 10-Jun-96......

Sorry for posting this message here, but I don't know where to find
this info.

thanks for answers.

NOTE: I can't develop as I only have 8megs of RAM, but I can beta test
Linux in these extreme conditions. More over, I may buy memory If
Linux looks promising.

LAHAYE Olivier, Athésa - Tél.:  Fax: [Administrateur Système au CEA Fontenay] [Personnelle]

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