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Re: Another DECStations test kernel

To: (Paul Antoine) <>,
Subject: Re: Another DECStations test kernel
Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 22:35:17 +0200 (MEST)
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Hello all,

Paul wrote:

>Harald wrote:
>> I've tested dec_vmlinux.2.1.14.test2 yesterday on my 5000/133 and it does not
>> get very far. Immediately after displaying the I-Cache and D-Cache sizes it
>> jumps back to the PROM prompt :-(.
>Does it do this every time?  I'll have a look at what it's doing, but it is
>strange that it dies there, as it really shouldn't...  there are lots more
>exciting places for it to die :-)
>Can anyone else with a 5000/1xx confirm this??

Paul, I have removed my PMAG-E Video Card (one of those fancy 3D-Cards with an 
i860, lots of VRAM and everything...) from my DECstation and the test2
kernel is running until showing the "calibration delay loop ..." message, but no
BogoMIPS ;-).

I remember having read of similar problems in the NetBSD Mailing List Archive.
This lead me to the assumption, that the Vertical Retrace Interrupts from the
PMAG-E are coming through.

On your maxine the TC Slot Interrupts are handled by the IOAsic, on my kmin the
TC Interrupts are directly connected to the CPU. Does the test2 kernel unmask
the IRQ0 and IRQ1 bits in the CP0 Status? If it does, that could explain this
unexpected behaviour.

Harald Koerfgen

The first time, it's a KLUDGE!
The second, a trick.
Later, it's a well-established technique!
                -- Mike Broido, Intermetrics

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