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Re: fading support for mips1 cpus :-(

Subject: Re: fading support for mips1 cpus :-(
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 07:39:10 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "David Monro" at May 9, 97 04:04:59 am
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
David Monro wrote:

> Has the code for mips1 (ie R3000) cpus been neglected recently? I'm trying to
> compile a kernel for a Magnum 3000 (yes I don't expect it to work yet), and 
> I'm running into trouble.

Which source tree are you working from?  If it's anything other than the
2.1.1.dec tree, then the 3000 code will almost certainly be very flakey.

Most development on the kernel has been done for R4K... with the DECStation
port being the only one presently focussing on the R3K (although several
people, including myself, wish to get going on the MIPSen now you've written
a bfsd boot daemon!)  Consequently, it's very easy for the R4k coders to 
"forget" the limitations of their poorer cousins when writing new code and 
integrating the DECStation code into the kernel. I.E.  The code you have 
has probably never been compiled to an R3K target...

I have fixed a *lot* of R4K-isms in the tree I'm working on, and once that's
patched into 2.1.36, I'll release it to Ralf for integrating into the main
tree.  In the meantime, you may wish to play with the aforementioned
2.1.1.dec source tree... which should be at:

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