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Re: DECStation update...

Subject: Re: DECStation update...
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 09:15:14 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Stu Allen" at May 4, 97 11:10:20 pm
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Stu Allen wrote:

> Well, I grabbed the 2.1.14 test kernel and tried it on my lonely
> little 5100.

<image of a machine sitting in a corner all by itself, plugged in but
 not turned on!>

> I was disappointed, but not suprised, to get an immediate register
> dump, just as with the previous kernels.

Hmmm... I'm feeling better about the possibility of getting your
machine going, at least to the point of making something print on the
console!  In peering at the Mach 3.0 code, and the header files in the
standard RISC/OS kernel binary release, it became apparent that early
DEC MIPS designs were based *very* heavily on the workstations from
MIPS themselves.  The DS3100's prom calls are near identical to those
of the MIPS 3230's...

So it would strike me as entirely possible that the 5100 is very
similar to a 3100.

>  I'm going to type it all in, with hopes that you (or someone else
> on the list) might be able to make some sense of it:


I'll peer at this more closely when I'm in front of my workstation at
home, but one of the first things the kernel does is attempt to use a
PROM function to print a string.  That function presently bombs on a
3100 as well, and Frieder and I are fixing it.

Thinking about your problem some more: it's entirely possible that in
the boot PROM of your machine is a jump table of useful functions, but
that jump table may be a little different from the 3100's (albeit
modelled on the MIPS machines).  We should probably write a small
program to disassemble the PROM...

Another thing you could do is describe the hardware of your machine a
bit.  Have you taken the lid off your machines?  Can you describe how
the boards are arranged?  Does it have a motherboard with the CPU,
ether etc., and optional QBUS slots, or are devices like SCSI and
ether on QBUS cards??

> KN230 V1.4
> 08-00-2b-1d-3a-20
> 0x800000
> >>

Do you have a list of the commands that the boot prom accepts?  What
does it print when you type '?' or 'help'?

> Stu Allen
> Linux kernel-hacker-wannabee!

Resistance is useless... :-)

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