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bfsd-1.0 released

Subject: bfsd-1.0 released
From: David Monro <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 03:15:18 +1000 (EST)
Reply-to: David Monro <>
For those of us whe are messing with the Magnum 4000SC, I have implemented and
tested a bfs server for it. It seems capable of getting the machine to run sash
and to boot the RISCos kernel (which promptly falls over because I don't have
any disks on the machine :-))

The place to get it is:

Should compile on most posix systems I think, but developed under linux/x86.
Bugs etc please let me know...

(btw I now have enough gear set up to develop for the 4000 from home - the
serial console on it is plugged into the serial port on another machine and I
can powercycle it (if I get desperate) using an x10 controller from another
linux box. I compile on a third linux box and tcpdump on a 4th which happens to
be on the same piece of thinnet. I then talk to it all via my ppp link - and it


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