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Magnum 4000SC

Subject: Magnum 4000SC
From: David Monro <>
Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 12:45:07 +1000 (EST)
Reply-to: David Monro <>
People were enquiring about the 4000-SC - I have a 4000SC-50 which I am about
to start experimenting with. I also have a protocol description for the bfs
boot code stuff so I'll be writing a basic bfs server rsn. I have no graphics
card for this thing so I'll be using a serial console at least for the
forseeable future. I've also still got one running RISC/OS which helps (that
for example is where I got the bfs protocol description)

btw, how is the port going for the magnum 3000 series? I've also got one of
them (a 3020 I think). I'm hoping that sooner or later I can get both it and
the 4000 running the same binaries - is this likely to happen? (ie I really
would prefer to run the 4000SC in big endian mode).


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