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Porting DIPC to Linux/MIPS

Subject: Porting DIPC to Linux/MIPS
From: mshar@ROSE.IPM.AC.IR
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:48:18 +0330
Dear Linux/MIPS users,

 DIPC version 0.9 (Beta) is available. It was originally developed for Intel
x86 processors, and has been recently ported to Linux for M680x0. So a great
deal of work in making it heterogeneous has already been done. I am sending
this to ask interested people to try and port DIPC to Linux/MIPS. For more
information read the original announcement.


 Kamran Karimi

 The original announcement:

From: (Kamran Karimi)
Subject: DIPC (Distributed IPC) update
Organization: IUST (Iran University of Science & Technology)
Keywords: distributed parallel programming multi computer Kernel IPC DSM
WAN TCP/IP heterogeneous

 This is to announce the following about the DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process 
Communication) software for Linux.

*) Version 0.9 (Beta) of the DIPC package is available publicly. DIPC could 
   be used to build and program multi-computers and distributed systems out 
   of ordinary Intel-based PCs, connected over a TCP/IP network. DIPC works 
   by making UNIX System V IPC mecahnisms (shared memories, semaphores and 
   messages) function transparently in a network.

   This version can be used by 2.x.x Linux kernels, for i386 as well as m68k
   machines (yes, DIPC has become a heterogeneous distributed system!). The
   port was done mainly by Michael Schmitz (

   The files dipc-0.9.tgz and dipc-0.9.lsm can be obtained by anonymous ftp 
   from, in directory /pub/Linux/Incoming, or 

   Previous DIPC versions are hereby declared obsolete. 

   DIPC developers would appreciate very much if seasoned kernel hackers
   could take a look at the DIPC kernel patches and see if there are any
   problems. Of particular importance are the Linux SMP related code in 
   DIPC's patches relative to 2.1.x kernels.

*) There are two web home pages for DIPC: target your browser at
      This page is maintained by Tim J. Bynum (

      This page is maintained by Anoosh Hosseini of the Global Publishing 
      Group ( 

*) There is also a mailing list for DIPC. To subscribe, send a mail with
   the body 'subscribe linux-dipc' to

   This mailing list could be used not just for DIPC, but for parallel and
   distributed programming in general (the name could be changed, if the
   need arises). So I am inviting interested people to join forces and create 
   a home for Linux distributed and parallel processing discussions.

   The mailing list is maintained by Tim J. Bynum (

*) I am also asking people who have developed (or are developing) distributed 
   programs using DIPC to send an email to me with a brief description of their
   work. Please mention if you have any objections about this information 
   appearing in a web page.

 e-mail addresses:

 (If these addresses didn't work, try:

 s-mail address: Kamran Karimi
                 89, Nastaran/Ghandehari
                 Khosh Shomali st.
                 14578 - Tehran

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