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DECStation update...

To: (Linux MIPS mailing list)
Subject: DECStation update...
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:58:22 +1000 (EST)
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Hi folks,

I've updated the web pages a bit, to reflect what we've been doing and
accomplishing lately with the DECStation code.  This will hopefully reduce
the number of requests regarding the lack of updates for the past 5 months!

To let you know what I've been doing:

        I've managed to steal the SGI console code (hi David!) and begin
        to integrate it with the code from Frieder and Michael Engel. This
        will also include a rough hack at David's z8530 driver from the SGI
        code to suit the DS5000's.  I'm also going to hack a version of
        Frieder's graphics console code to suit the DS5000's, at least for
        output (the keyboard/mouse interface is different).  All of which 
        means we should soon have Real Consoles(tm) for all the DECStations!

        I've uncovered the boot PROM callbacks for the DS2100/3100's and
        using code from Mach (suitably attributed) have built an abstraction 
        that detects the machine type and allows the use of the PROM routines 
        on either a DS2100/3100 or DS5000.  I know the console code for the 
        DS2100/3100's is well advanced, but felt that having a known good way 
        of printing on the console for emergency debugging under weird 
        conditions would probably prove useful! There's also the fact that 
        this code can be used for the boot loader program when we eventually 
        write one...

        I've also managed to write code to do rudimentary enquiries of the
        boot PROM environment variables to determine the 'configured' boot
        console for the DS's. The code also attempts to initialise the 
        requested devices to act as the console. The 5000's use the 
        'osconsole' variable, and I'd like the DS2100/3100 owners to check 
        both the variable name and it's allowable values (and let me know 
        the meanings of those via this list!)

        I hope to have a fair bit more done by Friday, and would like folks
        on the list with DS's to test a kernel binary I will produce and 
        upload.  I am particularly keen to know if it works on the 
        DS2100/3100's, as I'm reasonably confident that it will be o.k. for 
        the 5000's once it works on my 5000/2x.

        I'd particularly like to work with Michael Engel and Frieder to 
        make sure that my hacks to their code (which mostly consist of moving 
        it about), still allow it to work on the DS2100/3100's *before* I 
        release the patches to Ralf to integrate into whatever kernel release
        he's up to by the time this happens later next week!

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