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Re: interrupt code

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Subject: Re: interrupt code
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 12:37:22 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Peter Keller" at Feb 24, 97 08:56:50 pm
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Pete wrote:

>       We would like to know the current status of the IRQ code for the 
> DEC 5000/125. How close is it to being completed?

The lack of IRQ code doesn't hold things up too much... it's actually
other bugs that stop the machine after this point!

> Also, if anyone out there has worked on the console code for the said 
> machine, I'd  much appreciate a response as that's what we'd like to 
> work on.

I'm just integrating the code from Harald, Frieder, and Michael, which includes
basic console code for the DS2100/3100's... some of which will be useful
for the 5000's.   Also, the work done on the SGI's will be useful in getting
the Z8530 serial chips used int he 5000's to talk as a console.  I don't know
how far I'll get with that code in the coming week, so you may be able to
pick it up from there if you still wish to work on it.

I hope to release all of the above as patches to Ralf later this week to 
integrate into his 2.1.14.x release of the master Linux/MIPS tree (which 
will also have better support for SGI machines.)

> So the sharing of knowledge can be a good thing. Also, has anyone looked
> around in the NetBSD code for information about the hardware, I've
> looked around in there. You'd be surprised about the knowledge in there.

There's plenty of info. in the header files for those who know hardware
well, but *very* few comments in the main code.  For instance, the main code 
talks of using the free-running clock interrupt in addition to the RTC to 
give better time slicing than would be possible using the 64Hz periodic
interrupt output of the RTC alone... though there's not enough info. to 
really see what they're doing without an in-depth analysis of the code.  
Lots of work there...

> Also, there are references to DEC manuals that were used to create the 
> code. 

I have sent those references to people in DEC, however electronic copies of
these documents seem impossible to find.  DEC has lost many engineers, and
it's near continuous down-sizing over the last few years has meant the loss 
of a lot of information.  If anyone knows anyone who *might* have copies of 
these documents, or know where to find them, they should reall try to chase 
them down NOW before they're permanently lost... I fear we may be too late!

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