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Re: Console problems

To: linux-mips
Subject: Re: Console problems
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 01:43:30 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ryan Rafferty" at Apr 16, 96 06:34:13 am

> > Are you using the Magnum in Hires mode (1280x1024)?  Only 1024x768 is
> > working.  It also looks as if you've launched the kernel directly without
> > milo which won't work.
> Ah yes.  I started changing the resolutions right after I sent that
> e-mail and now the console comes up OK.  This is of course a major
> improvement =).  There is still junk at the bottom of the screen, but the
> text is there.

I think what you observe is that the screen jump up by a random amount
and then stays there.  The space at the bottom is filled with random
junk.  Bad because the top lines are no longer readable ...

This is a bug in Milo for which I once posted a fix.  Since that time
a newer version of Milo never has been released, so ...

>                I'm gonna look at the g364 code and try to see how hard it
> would be to get the console working in 1280x1024, since that's the most
> convenient mode for dual-booting with NT.

All you need to fix is some constants in the console code.  The console
code currently assumes that one line on the screen has 1024 bytes (1byte
per pixel); you need to change that to 1280; the number of lines is
currently wired to 768; you need to change that to 1024.

The console code needs some more work - a cursor wouldn't be a bad thing ...

I'd be interested in the speed of the console code in a 2.1 kernel;
2.0 had a awfully dumb and slow memcpu/memset which also affect the
console speed.  These have been replaced with _much_ faster versions
in 2.1.  lmbench bw_pipe went up from ~8mb/s to almost 40mb/s on RM200!

>                                            A few questions--what is the
> latest development kernel you're using for Linux/MIPS?

I was working on a MIPS version of 2.1.21 when I received a 75mb
tarball collection with the SGI stuff.  To make my live easier I went
back to 2.1.14.  2.1.14 is a pretty good kernel.  If you don't try to
nuke it it can stay up for weeks.

>                                                         I've got 2.0.21
> which may be a little old.  Also, where can I find the specs for the JAZZ
> stuff that you used to port to the Magnum?

Official printed documentation is hard to get.  For information about
how the interesting part of the Jazz design, the virtual DMA stuff,
works, you should take a look at jazzdma.c and sonic.c.  Or ask me.
Probably one of the few people on the list with Jazz documentation should
make a electronic version of the documentation and include it with the

> > The onboard Sonic Ethernet is supported, so no need for the NE2000 -
> > unless you wish to use something worse than the Sonic ...
> The Sonic may be better, but the fact that it only has an AUI connector is
> a real pain.  Our network only has BNC and UTP, and transceivers are
> expensive.

Ahhh, ok :-)


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