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Re: 32.96 BogoMIPS on DECstation 5000/133

To: linux-mips
Subject: Re: 32.96 BogoMIPS on DECstation 5000/133
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 16:13:27 -0500
In-reply-to: <> (message from Jason Wagner on Thu, 10 Apr 1997 07:41:37 -0700 (MST))
> I hope this doesn't offend anyone; this is just a curiosity of mine...
> Unless you buy a nice used Indy without a disk and OS, why would you run
> Linux on it?  

Well, we have a couple of plans in mind:

- Because we want source for the operating system.  We want to
  let users know how stuff work down to the hardware level.  Because
  the OS will not get into the way of the programmer.

- SGI is very good at making cool, fast hardware.  The Linux
  programmers are very good at making cool operating systems, we get
  the best of both worlds.

- IRIX emulation.  Run all of your SGI binaries at Linux speed.

- Easily random install software from the net (important biggie).

- Showing that Linux is viable as a multiplatform OS.

- Having a SGI/MIPS box that is actually hard to break into it.

- Our fearless leader is now in charge of putting fine grained
  locks to make our SMP kernel perform better on multiprocessor CPUs.
  What I have seen in this area lately is very impressive, needless
  to say, he will get it right. 

Probably, at some point it may make sense for SGI to be able to run
Linux for certain applications and will thus spend some money paying
some programmers to fine tune those parts that are suffering from the

> SGI has hundreds of high-payed techies constantly tuning IRIX to
> really scream on the MIPS architecture; why run Linux on the box?

We have hundreds of high talented programmers working constantly
tunning the Linux kernel to make it scream :-).

Just look at the posts these days in linux-kernel: they are putting
slab into the kernel all over the place; they are fine tunning
fork/exec times; they are profiling every function in the kernel with
a very cute trick Ingo came up with; we probably have the fastest
checksum code for the Intel and Alpha architectures.

> And does this mean I can run Linux on older SGIs ( Indigo R3k, 4D/xx, 
> 4D/xxx, PI Series, R2k based machines, etc? )

I guess at some point support for all of those will be added.

have a nice day,

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