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Re: Is there any hope (for my DECsystem 5100)?

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Subject: Re: Is there any hope (for my DECsystem 5100)?
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:05:33 +1000 (EST)
Cc: (Jon 'maddog' Hall)
In-reply-to: <> from "Stu Allen" at Apr 8, 97 11:07:09 am
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Stu Allen wrote:

> Greetings all.  This note is really for Paul; I believe he said he'd only
> be reading the list and not his personal mail.


> Anyways.  In my basement "office" I still have a little DECsystem 5100 which
> is _dying_ to be running Linux.  Unfortunately, I have little detailed
> technical information on the box, and the last test kernel blows up shortly
> after loading, probably because the PROM routines to output to the console are
> different.  I'd be happy to take a stab at modifying what's out there already
> but without info on those routines it seems pretty hopeless.


> I believe at one time "Mad Dog" was working on getting us documentation from
> DEC.  Did that effort ever bear fruit?  If not, is there _anyone_ who has
> this info?  (Maybe the Ultrix source code??)

MD and I never managed to connect whilst I was in Boston late last year,
and I gather from him that the doco for the 5100 is even harder to find than 
that for the 5000's as the 5100's were produced by a small group within 
DEC, and hardly any of them were ever made!

> So, do I give up on this thing, and trash it?  Or should I wait (and hope!)
> a little longer?

I would perhaps wait a little longer if you can afford the storage space.
Perhaps we should take another peek at BSD... do you have *any* doco for
the thing?  Maybe we should make a plea on the comp.sys.dec newsgroup to
see if any DEC or ex-DEC people have doco??

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