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Re: VAXlinux and Linux/MIPS

To: linux-mips
Subject: Re: VAXlinux and Linux/MIPS
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 21:21:56 -0700
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In message <> Paul Antoine writes:
: Indeed.  It would seem logical that much of the VAXstation stuff be
: similar to the DECstations... though I'm not sure of the geneology of
: the two product lines.  Certainly the 2100 and 3100 DECstations look
: like a VAX derivative, as their serial chips are DZ11 (I'm not sure if
: that's the right number) based.

You should take a look at the port-vax and port-pmax archives at  They have a complete family tree of the two product
lines.  It turns out that some of them are actually very close to each
other in terms of hardware, once you factor out VAX vs MIPS issues.
Sadly, some of this hardware is the same hardware that is under
documented and over requested in this group.

: > We too have run into the wall called lack of documentation, and a
: > lot of work has come from the NetBSD and 4.4BSD implemtations.
: So you've done a lot of reading of code... pity no one created
: documentation as they went.  I beleive that some of the folks working
: on that had access to doco from DEC at the time too.

That's my impression as well.  The NetBSD archives talk a lot about
this hardware manual, or that hardware manual.  Really does help to
have them.  I recently got a whole boatload of manuals and data sheets
from some folks I was doing some MIPS work for (potentially).  If I'd
had it when I started working on the rPC44 stuff, I think I wouldn't
have spun my wheels so much.


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