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VAXlinux and Linux/MIPS

Subject: VAXlinux and Linux/MIPS
From: "Maftoum / Karl Joseph (ISE)" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 00:53:11 +1100 (EDT)
Hi Paul,

Myself and Chris Nott are the port maintainers of the Linux/VAX port. I 
thought I may send you a quick mail to discuss whether you are aware of 
any similarities between the DECstations and the VAXstations... Saves us 
re-inventing the wheel...

We too have run into the wall called lack of documentation, and a lot of 
work has come from the NetBSD and 4.4BSD implemtations.

Specifically, I have heard the consoles are very similar, do you know of 
where I can get some documentation? i.e. NetBSD only support serial 
consoles... (easy.. uses protected registers). and the ROM routines only 
work in physical mode. The only vague implemtation I have is from 4.4BSD 
, with the Q-BUS console that looks roughly similar..

Hopefully we'll be able to assist each other in the ports!



Karl Maftoum
Computer Engineering Student at the University of Canberra, Australia


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