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Re: interrupt code

To: linux-mips
Subject: Re: interrupt code
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:23:31 +0000
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Priority: normal
>Hello all,
>   We would like to know the current status of the IRQ code for the
>DEC 5000/125. How close is it to being completed? Also, if anyone out
>there has worked on the console code for the said machine, I'd much
>appreciate a response as that's what we'd like to work on. So the
>sharing of knowledge can be a good thing. Also, has anyone looked
>around in the NetBSD code for information about the hardware, I've
>looked around in there. You'd be surprised about the knowledge in
>there. Also, there are references to DEC manuals that were used to
>create the code. 

That is exactly the point, where i'd like to start. As far as i can see 
the NetBSD Sources are the only source of information available yet, 
at least for kmins and maxines. I know this can be more difficult 
than starting from scratch, but why don't we use it, is there 
something i am missing? 

>Thanks. -pete

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