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DECsystem 500/260

To: <linux-mips>
Subject: DECsystem 500/260
From: "Flemming Laugaard" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:17:54 +0100
Hi there

I have a DEC system 5000/260 running Ultrix 4.4, but Linux is a much more 
attractive alternative :-) 
Do you know if anyone have tried to get Linux up and running on a DEC system 
box? There is of course no floppy drive, and no grfx adapter.
I am willing to do alot of experimenting to get it up.
The configuration is:
1 Gb scsi 
CD rom 
96 Mb RAM

Kind regards
Flemmming Laugaard
DSB data (
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