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Re: linux/mips - hardware and questions

To: linux-mips
Subject: Re: linux/mips - hardware and questions
From: Ralf Baechle <ralf@Julia.DE>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 15:09:50 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "David Monro" at Feb 19, 97 08:52:41 pm

> Hardware: In a few days I expect to have a couple of Mips Magnum 3000 
> machines.
> Future aquisitions for the project may include a Magnum 4000 or two and
> possibly a DecStation.
> Other resources: Since the Mips boxen here were being used for Plan 9
> development (Plan 9 is an operating system from Bell Labs) I should be able to
> get lots of low level information on how to bootstrap the boxes etc, although 
> I
> may have to be carefull not to read code I am not meant to see :-)

objdump -d plan9 | less ;-)

> Now the questions:
> 1) I gather the Magnum 3000 can only run in big endian mode. I built my self 
> up
> a cross compiler and tools for mips-linux, pulled the 2.1.14 tree off the mips
> area on sunsite and had a go at compiling. If i turn on experimental options, 
> I
> get the option of the magnum 3000. However, when I actually try to compile it
> blows up with #error directives about some routines in include/asm/bitops.h 
> not
> working in big endian mode. Has anyone done a fix for this yet?

Well, the macros aren't really broken; they work fine for both byteorders.
However they are also being used for manipulation of extern data like
bitmaps in the ext2 filesystem.  The Linux bitops work on arrays of 32-bit
int variables and thus are byteorder dependand.  This means they need to
be changed to make filesystems should be exchangable.  Another thing is
that in the meantime e2fsck e2mkfs etc assume little endian byteorder.

> 2) Is the 2.1.14 from sunsite the latest? I notice it has lots more mips stuff
> than the 'standard' Linus-distributed 2.1.26 - I assume the standard one 
> simply
> hasn't had the latest patches merged in?

Yes.  Use the source tree from

> 3) Where do I get binutils- (which is what the last patch for binutils
> should be applied to)? I can only get binutils-2.7.

HJ Lu's source distribution of binutils for Linux contains full
Linux/MIPS support, so there is no special Linux/MIPS source tree or
patches anymore for  However I've found serious problems
with -, so I urgently recommend to use 2.7.0 plus the
latest patch which should be binutils-2.7.0-4.diff.gz.

>                                                      Will the linux/MIPS
> targets/fixes make it back to the gnu people for the next version?

Yes; parts of them are already.


74 a3 53 cc 0b 19

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