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linux/mips - hardware and questions

To: linux-mips
Subject: linux/mips - hardware and questions
From: David Monro <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 20:52:41 +1100 (EST)
Reply-to: David Monro <>

I am interested in joining the Linux/MIPS project.

Hardware: In a few days I expect to have a couple of Mips Magnum 3000 machines.
Future aquisitions for the project may include a Magnum 4000 or two and
possibly a DecStation.

Other resources: Since the Mips boxen here were being used for Plan 9
development (Plan 9 is an operating system from Bell Labs) I should be able to
get lots of low level information on how to bootstrap the boxes etc, although I
may have to be carefull not to read code I am not meant to see :-)

Now the questions:
1) I gather the Magnum 3000 can only run in big endian mode. I built my self up
a cross compiler and tools for mips-linux, pulled the 2.1.14 tree off the mips
area on sunsite and had a go at compiling. If i turn on experimental options, I
get the option of the magnum 3000. However, when I actually try to compile it
blows up with #error directives about some routines in include/asm/bitops.h not
working in big endian mode. Has anyone done a fix for this yet?

2) Is the 2.1.14 from sunsite the latest? I notice it has lots more mips stuff
than the 'standard' Linus-distributed 2.1.26 - I assume the standard one simply
hasn't had the latest patches merged in?

3) Where do I get binutils- (which is what the last patch for binutils
should be applied to)? I can only get binutils-2.7. Will the linux/MIPS
targets/fixes make it back to the gnu people for the next version?

That should be enough to get started :-)


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