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Re: Joining and MIPS Magnum 4000

Subject: Re: Joining and MIPS Magnum 4000
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 19:53:35 +0100
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yeah, I just got five minutes left and read the Linux/MIPS news ;-)

 > I was told that they take 72 pin SIMMS WITH PARITY and that you fill the SIMM
 > banks that are vertical before the angled ones, ie 4 up then 4 slanted, not
 > sure if you have to fill all 4 banks though ?

Yes, you need 72pin PS/2 SIMMs with parity, 60ns speed, and at least
8 Megs in 4 Modules, and max. 256 Megs in 8 Modules (but this won't
work unless you reduce clock speed to 40 Mhz).

 > I was wondering about the graphics cards, did all "ACE" machines use 
 > proprietry
 > cards in EISA slots ? Were there ever any 3rd party makers ?

The frame buffer of the Magnum is a proprietary Mips board. You can't
use 3rd party VGA cards or the like.

 > Talking of Graphics cards what are the basics behind them, I mean such things
 > as what do the PROMS/EPROMS contain ? Do they contain x86 code or native to 
 > the
 > graphics processor ?

So far I can remember, the EPROM on the Mips Magnum frame buffer just
contain a type code, nothing else. No character set, no code. Just a
single word to distuingish between 1MB and 2MB frame buffers. The first
one can only display 1024x768, the latter one is also able to handle

 > Just thinking of ways to get around the shortage of GC for these MIPS boxes,
 > also how come they had no graphics cards ? Did someone take them out thinking
 > they could be used on EISA equiped PCs ??

no, Mips sold two different versions: Server (no video, no mouse, no audio)
and Workstation (fully equipped).

 > Owner of bare bones Magnum and Millennium !!

Owner of two Magnums and one Olivetti !!!


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