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Re: making a BIG ENDIAN root disk

Subject: Re: making a BIG ENDIAN root disk
From: Steve Herrod <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 14:20:51 -0800
Cc: moose@crissy.Stanford.EDU
References: <199701172350.PAA20951@ncube> <>
Hi again,

I sort of mentioned this a while ago, but I need a more exact answer
this time. As mentioned, I need to make a BIG ENDIAN root disk to use
with the latest linux-mips kernel. As a reminder, we ported it to be
big endian for our SimOS machine simulation. I'm aware that you can
just put anything in /bin/sh for initial testing purposes. Is this
just automatically exec'ed or something early in the boot?

Anyway, I want a complete root disk (with /etc, /dev, include files,
etc.). I see on all of the ftp sites that there is a root-0.01.tar.gz
in the little endian filesys directory. Where did this come from? I
want to create the exact same thing for the big endian root disk and I
obviously don't have a big endian system to use exfsprogs on. Is there
a complete source tree somewhere that I can just make?

You mentioned that MAKEDEV script. How does this work into the
creation of the root disk. Is it something I do before running the
exfs stuff? 


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