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MIPS R3300 box

Subject: MIPS R3300 box
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 15:36:13 +0100
Organization: dma

I have an older mips box (Prime Computers) and for what i've heard
the company stopped supporting the hardware. My question is : 'Can 
linux run on this 'probably' costumary system. For all i know it runs
on a MIPS 3000/3300 but i'm not sure coz i last used it 2 yrs. ago.

I've only had a chance to get to know linux briefly but from what i've
seen it's a more than allright system, still i wonder if there's a solid
software-base around. I know about compilers and some text-editors.
But what about Word-processors, Graphics-systems and also Entertainment.
By the way is there some kind of linux hardware-platform ? If there
isn't i guess a MIPS/CPU wouldn't be such a 'bad' choice.

I've been a WIN/TEL user for a 'to' long time i guess, got to spoiled
by that 'massive' software base. I can still remember having A LOT more
fun using an old DAI/computer wich ran faster than the first XT/pc's.
For all i know the past years sometimes seem a P.ersonal C.atastrophy if
i only look back at all the trouble the WIN/TEL duo put me thru. 

So, if you can send me somea mail about a PRIME COMPUTERS 
MIPS R3000/3300 software i'd really appreciate that.

CYA & THANX     E-mail :

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