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hardware free to productive linux hackers.

Subject: hardware free to productive linux hackers.
From: Dom Sweetman <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 12:12:49 GMT
[Resending - many apologies if you have had this message before, but
 I still haven't had it sent back to me from the list]

We have some P-4032 boards returned from a customer who's finished
their development, and I'd be happy to give some away in the hope of
getting some software ported.  I guess we could make up to three
available to Linux people.

Just to remind you, the P-4032 consists of:

o Vr4300-133 CPU (a full R4x00 instruction set, FP and MMU).
o two regular PCI bus slots.
o Ethernet, SCSI, 2xRS232, Centronics, Keyboard, NVRAM/Calendar all

Full details on our web site ( or just download the
manual (postscript) and print it.

We can supply or point you at sample drivers for all the onboard

Are you a candidate for this self-interested generosity?  The choice
will depend on questions like this:

o I guess the more experienced hackers would get Linux up and running
  with perhaps 10-20 days effort.  Can you get to within a factor of
  three of this?

o Do you have some 'leisure' available to devote to this project?

o Do you have a specific interest in 'embedded' features? eg diskless
  operation, operation with remote console, operation (including reboot)
  with unpredictable levels of attention...
Let me know.

Dominic Sweetman                phone: +44 171 700 3301
Algorithmics Ltd                home:  +44 171 226 0032
3 Drayton Park                  fax:   +44 171 700 3400
London N5 1NU                   email:
ENGLAND.                        www:

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