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Re: MIPS Magnum 4000PC info? (fwd)

Subject: Re: MIPS Magnum 4000PC info? (fwd)
From: Ralf Baechle <ralf@Julia.DE>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 05:10:47 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Paolo Bevilacqua" at Jan 25, 97 04:55:44 am

> >      I just ended up with a MIPS Magnum 4000PC that I'd like to try
> > and get Linux up and running on.  Unfortunately my machine didn't come
> > with much of anything (including any documentation, configuration
> > disks or a video board).  In Magnum4000-HOWTO you mentioned something
> > about a configuration disk, could you possibly send me an image of
> > that disk?

The config disk is available on  Not an image
but a pkzip archive from which you can build the config file just follow
the included documentation.

Once again my posting about video cards (the third time I send it out
today ...):

Video cards for Magnums are rare.  In fact, if you should find a source
for them you should really post it here.  I however have recently seen
a posting to comp.sys.mips which I quote here:


In article <>, (Richard Ingr
am) says:
>I have just got hold of a bare MIPS ARCSystem MILLENNIUM 4000SC-50 and am 
>looking at getting it working to use with Linux/MIPS and WinNT. Unfortunately 
>it came with no Graphics Card so I am now on the look out for one.
>If anyone knows of one for sale or can put me in touch with someone who has
>one for sale I would be very grateful. As a last resort I could try SGI's 
>Remarketing Dept but I suspect they only have complete systems for sale (what
>do they do with systems that are cannibalised put them in the skip ??).
>Thanks for any help.

At last check MIPS remarketing wanted $1100 for the graphics and mouse/audio car
d together.

Another source is:

Carrera Computers
23181 Verdugo Dr. Bldg 100
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653
Part 09-00177 Mouse board (no Audio)$95
Part 09-00176 Magnum Video card $325
also sun to VGA adapter cables
Part 09-00184  Jaguare Video card $600+
Alex Imbastari (sales)     Bruce Faust. Boss?

Another possibility is that I have an extra one I am holding as a warranty spare
 that I will 
no longer need after April 1, 1997

Thanks and Best Regards
Joe Westenhaver


Hope that helps you finding a video card.


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