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Linux Mips for Nec RiscStation 2200

To: "''" <>
Subject: Linux Mips for Nec RiscStation 2200
From: Stephane Plante <>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 17:13:31 -0800
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I have a few machines in my office that will no longer be used
for anything useful. One of these is a Nec RiscStation 2200.

Before I install (or download the tools to do so), there are I
few questions that I have regarding Linux for Mips:

-- What's the state of SCSI support for mips? You can be very
detailed in saying why it doesn't work.
-- Is there is an easy method of installing linux on the MIPS?
I can't use NFS to boot the system, since I have no NFS servers
in my office. I am hoping that someone will have made something
like the slackware 'A' disk set
-- Would running X be viable?
-- Any multiprocessor support expected?


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