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Re: Linux for another MIPS system

Subject: Re: Linux for another MIPS system
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 13:30:41 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
Hi all,

 > Dear Linux-MIPS group,
 > >From the Linux-MIPS FAQ we learned about the different implementations of
 > Linux 
 > on MIPS architectures. Our company (Bruker) uses an own MIPS system,
 > based on R4x00, and running a proprietary Unix. We would like to know
 > whether we
 > could get help from the Linux-MIPS group to port Linux onto this system.
 > We are able to support such a project by donations in form of money and/or
 > hardware.

I know these guys from the time when I was looking for Mips hardware
for a Waldorf Electronics project. When I remember right, their
properierary Unix is a derivative of Munix, made by Cadmus, Munich.
I would take donations from them -- they *have* money ;-)


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