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Linux for another MIPS system

To: <>
Subject: Linux for another MIPS system
From: "Bruno Guigas" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:56:16 +0100
Cc: <>
Dear Linux-MIPS group,

>From the Linux-MIPS FAQ we learned about the different implementations of
on MIPS architectures. Our company (Bruker) uses an own MIPS system,
based on R4x00, and running a proprietary Unix. We would like to know
whether we
could get help from the Linux-MIPS group to port Linux onto this system.

We are able to support such a project by donations in form of money and/or

You can get further information about Bruker at .

Best regards,

Bruno Guigas

Dr. Bruno Guigas
Software Dept.
Bruker Analytik GmbH
Rudolf Plank - Str. 23
076275 Ettlingen
Tel: ++49 7243 504 421
Fax: ++49 7243 504 480

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