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Re: the nintendo64 is a R4000

Subject: Re: the nintendo64 is a R4000
From: Dominic Sweetman <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 96 15:55:17 GMT
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wayne roberts ( writes:

> I noticed that the nintendo 64 uses a customized R4000 running
> at 94Mhz.  I hope by customized, it still has a MMU but i dont
> know how to find out.

The Nintendo uses a die which is also shipped as the Vr4300 CPU, which
is indeed a cheapo R4000 complete with MMU and floating point
hardware.  It's possible that the Nintendo version doesn't bring out
some critical signals, I suppose.  Also, I don't know whether the MMU
gets *tested* on parts shipped to Nintendo.

> If linux could be ported to this platform, make no under-estimation
> that it would be the most popular.

The challenge would be to get some usable I/O... Linux without a
keyboard or any kind of disk might not be so interesting.

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