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Re: DecStation 5100

Subject: Re: DecStation 5100
From: Stu Allen <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 21:13:28 -0400
Organization: None whatsoever
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Simon Williams wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have a DecStation 5100. As far as I know it has a MIPS R3k processor.

Hi Simon!

        Is that a DecSTATION or a DecSYSTEM?  (Ie is it a workstation,
or a server box?)  If it is the second, then welcome to the club!  I too
have a DECsystem 5100 which is anxiously awaiting the MIPS port.

        Paul Antoine is the owner of the DECstation port -- you'll probably
hear from him too.  So far his test kernels don't run on this box - they
register dump immediately after network download.  I would be curious to
see what results you get on your box -- maybe we could compare register
dumps :-)

        Seriously though.  I for one appreciate all the work done so far.  I'm
hoping to start digging into the kernel soon too - I now have a setup
where I have some space to do it, if I can only find the time.  It will
be good to have another box to test on, if you're game.

                                Stu Allen

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