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DecStation 5100

Subject: DecStation 5100
From: Simon Williams <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 12:30:16 +0100
Organization: Cable Internet
Hi there,
I have a DecStation 5100. As far as I know it has a MIPS R3k processor.
Is there any chance of Linux supporting it? It has a SCSI tape drive and
currently no disks.. ( although I aquired a VAXstation 3100 at the same
time which has two disks... We'll have to see whats happening with
NetBSD for that one, butI may be able to steal one of the disks out of
it.) Im not really up for Kernel hacking and stuff, my C is a bit rusty
:) I may (will) be able to provide a mirror site as soon as I have a
machine to put up ( workign for a large ISP...). I currently have an
overclocked 486 150Mhz at home running linux.

Simon Haighton-Williams   | telnet://razors.liv.ORG:4000 
Network Administrator     | Free Unices:  HTTP://www.linux.ORG          
Cable Internet            |               HTTP://www.netbsd.ORG
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