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Re: Compiling a kernel for a Magnum R4k on an i586

To: (Jeff Krueger)
Subject: Re: Compiling a kernel for a Magnum R4k on an i586
From: Ralf Baechle <ralf@Julia.DE>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 14:03:10 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Jeff Krueger" at Sep 23, 96 03:30:44 am

> Okay, I found out what happened.  I switched video modes from 1280x1024
> (which fit nicely) to 1024x768 (which doesn't quite fit as well, but thats
> okay).  Now the lower 1/4 of the screen turns red, but I can see the text on
> top.  The kernel says "Console: colour detected G364 128x46 1 virtual
> console (63 max)" and then goes on with all it's other normal loading stuff.
> Maybe it is having problems initializing the gfx adapter?

It simply only supports the low resolution because when Wayne & me hacked
this I didn't have a monitor at hand that could display the high resolution
mode.  And 1024x768x256 isn't that bad ...

>                                                            In any case, it
> gets to "VFS: Insert ramdisk with root image and press enter" as I would
> have expected, but instead of loading once I inster one, it quickly (I
> beleive before it even touches the diskette) says, "Unable to handle kernel
> request paging fault" and then gives a register dump of some sort.  Can you
> make anything from any of that?  I think we're deffinately making progress
> here!!

Sounds as if some of my recent changes broke the Jazz floppy support.
Blame me - I should have tried the floppy ...

> I am excited to get Linux on this MIPS.  It is a machine I purchased for
> dirt cheap hoping I could do something with it, but all this time I have not
> wanted to run NT on it because I really have no use for NT except as a
> netware fileserver, but heck, I have a freeware nw server for linux on my
> i586 that works great.  I was happy to see the Linux/MIPS project and I've
> been waiting to get an OS on this machine so I can see it actually do
> something.  If linux works on the Magnum r4000, I will be exstatic.

Yes, especially because it's the only UNIX style OS for that machine that
is under active development now that RISC/os is dead ...

> Now I have not run the big->little endian firware conversion program out of
> fear and also because as far as I know, this particular machine defaults to
> little endian although it is completely bi-endian.  I don't think thats what
> my problem is, but I could be wrong.  Do you think I should risk it?

Linux is intended for the little endian firmware, so your machine is
setup right.  The big endian firmware is intended to run RISC/os.
Switching to the other firmware is a bit a dangerous process, so one should
avoid it.  When this process is stopped ie by power fail or so the firmware
flash proms are unusable and have to be reprogrammed with a burner ...


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