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Re: More binaries

Subject: Re: More binaries
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 16:40:09 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ralf Baechle" at Sep 22, 96 04:36:05 pm
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Hi Ralf,

> > Thanks for these... they don't do ECOFF though,
> They contain ECOFF support (from mipsel-linux-objdump -i output):
>             elf32-littlemips elf32-bigmips ecoff-littlemips ecoff-bigmips srec
>   mips:3000 elf32-littlemips elf32-bigmips ecoff-littlemips ecoff-bigmips srec
>             symbolsrec tekhex binary ihex
>   mips:3000 symbolsrec tekhex binary ihex
> Or are you talking about this special DECstation ECOFF problem?

No, I was just being silly.  I keep forgetting that you'll get an IOT/Trap
out of ld unless you specify *both* the input and the output format (i.e.
if you want to specify one, you must also specify the other!)

> Your mistake is probably that you didn't include <asm/fpregdef.h>.
> fcr31 isn't a register known to the assembler; it's a define.

Yep - no problems now.  Have you finished integrating all of Didier's work
on the R3000 yet?  I'm now in a position to do more work on the DECstation
port, and want to re-integrate my 1.3.62 work ASAP.  I think it's about
time the DECstation work was up to date!

I'll fetch the 2.0.7 patches now, to see if that helps.  On another issue,
what program did you say you use to create ECOFF out of ELF32 for the Magnums?

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