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linux mips dec station 3000

Subject: linux mips dec station 3000
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 17:39:42 +0200 (MET DST)
my name is Pierre Vallino and i live in NICE france

at home i got a 486dx4 100 16 mo with a lilo multiboot /w95/dos/linux
linux is installed on a 420 mo hd ide ,
still at home i got a decstation 3000 16 mo with 3 scsi drives (200,100,100mo)
a floppy , a tk50 reader , and some pieces of ultrix and decwindows.

i was happy to mount with nfs ultrics disk on linux and linux disk (and cdrom) 
the decstation side .

but i want to try to install linux , with net and X on the station so i'm very
interested in contacting & helping as far as i can people working on such 

second, i do not have any information or documentation for this dec station
so if people has some ... 

note that this e-mail is a guest e-mail so write "for Pierre " at beginning
of subject

linux users are welcome too!

thank you for routing this message to good hands and sorry for my english
may be a french decstation user?


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