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Re: Deskstation rPC44 and Milo 0.27

Subject: Re: Deskstation rPC44 and Milo 0.27
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 13:29:54 -0600
In-reply-to: Your message of Mon, 02 Sep 1996 21:14:17 +0200
: The way that theyuse to pass arguments/environment variables to the
: started program is a bit wired and I think there might well be a bug.
: Hell, if M$ can make NT run, then we'll get Milo running on every
: MIPS box too, won't we?  Just angry againabout this ARC shit ...

I understand.  The ARC BIOS on my machine seems basically sane, but
there are still a number of bugs that keep popping up.

: The data you've posted looks pretty sane, that's right.

Cool.  I'll use it then for the rPC in milo then.

However, I noticed that for a long time the Tyne port has had the
value 0x80800000 hard wired into the value for memupper.  Do you
happen to know of a way to ask it more directly?  Since I'm here
fixing memory things, I'd kinda like to fix that as well.  If not, do
you think there is a chance that the "old" PC way of finding memory by
asking the real time clock at various offsets would work?  Failing
that, what do you do?  A binary search :-)  Prompt the user :-)

: Again you might try to
: disassemble NT drivers/HAL.  I happen to have ported the binutils for
: NT targets just for this purpose :->  The port is however horrible; it
: links only with the option -noinhibit-exec to ld but that's good enough
: for objdump -d and that what I did it for.  Tell me if you need the
: patches ...

Yes.  I'd be interested.

Too bad I don't have more time to devote to this.  I'd hack together a
filter for objdump that would allow me to reconstruct the C code, when
possible, from the MIPS object code for some functions.  Yes, I know
that is a "hard" problem, since you have to do a lot of data flow
analysis on a process that is inherently lossy :-(.  A man can dream,
can't he :-).

: Well, what I say isn't just a guess.  It's what the M$ HAL specs for
: WNT 3.51 say.

It is good to know that the specs match what I've seen :-).  Are the
HAL Specs for NT on the 3.51 CD, or are they available elsewhere?  I
know that the ARC BIOS spec isn't on the CD that supposedly contains
all the NT documentation that is available (or at least it is well
hidden). :-(.


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