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Re: Deskstation rPC44 and Milo 0.27

Subject: Re: Deskstation rPC44 and Milo 0.27
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 10:35:24 +0200
In-reply-to: Your message of "Sun, 01 Sep 1996 15:10:10 MDT." <>
Hi Warner, It's nice to read from you.

>Useful commands that pandora could implement:
>       A way to dump the system parameter block.
>       A way to dump the firmware table
>       A way to dump the vendor table
>       A way to disassemble functions in these tables
>       A way to dump a range of memory to disk for offline
>               disassembly/decomilation :-)
>       A way to dump the configuration tree

>BTW, is there a good source for the ARC BIOS manual, now that we've
>had some luck with SNI or whoever so we could release the full MILO
>sources?  I'd really like to have one, since I still don't know as

Milo 0.27 is already a full sources release, or did I made a mistake
in packaging it ?

Anyway Ralf proposed last week - It was not on the list - that Milo should
pass all the ARC config tree - in whatever form - to the kernel, so it
can end up in, say /proc/arc. So Milo would have a complete ARC tree
walker and by making it available from Pandora's prompt it will implement
one of these feature you're talking about.

And well for the others, as long as they are thrown in Pandora and not
in Milo - to keep it small - ... why not ? Let's have Pandora suffer from a
feeping creaturism :)


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