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Re: Any news on DS5000/1xx documentation ?

To: (Michael Engel)
Subject: Re: Any news on DS5000/1xx documentation ?
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 09:13:40 +1000 (EST)
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In-reply-to: <> from "Michael Engel" at Aug 28, 96 00:47:20 am
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Hi Michael,

> is there any news on the availability of hardware documentation for the
> DS5000/1xx series ? 

Word back from DEC is that they currently cannot find the electronic
versions of the documents (due largely to the huge re-organisations that
have been happening at DEC over the last few years).  John Hall and I are
trying to arrange paper copies which I'll scan/OCR for distribution with 
DEC's permission.

> We managed to get a monitor for our two DS5000/125 we have here ...

Cool - though the current stuff will work with the serial terminal
if you tell the BOOT prom to use serial as a console

> We will probably get a DECsystem 5800 (?) by the end of the year. This
> is also a MIPS-based system, do you eventually know if this system is 
> Q-Bus or TurboChannel based ? The guys that run the system don't know too
> much about it ... They just gave us 4 MicroVAXen they didn't need any more ;).
> regards,
>       Michael Engel   (

The 5800 is indeed a Q-bus based system (eeeek!)... I don't know whether
we'll be able to resurrect enough doco for this one, but you're not the
only person in the world that wants Linux for it so don't give up hope.

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