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Linux on old R2000 workstation?

Subject: Linux on old R2000 workstation?
From: Matthias Heidbrink <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 17:08:50 +0200
Organization: TU Berlin

you ask for owners of MIPS workstations who would be interested in
getting Linux for their machine.

I have (please don't laugh ;-)) a Whitechapel Hitech-10, a workstation
from an English company that doesn't exist any more. It was built in
1988 oder 89, has a R2000 CPU@16Mhz, 8 MB of RAM and has 1280x1024x256
color graphics. It is running 4.3BSD. I have X11R3 and NeWS. 
I would love to have Linux on this machine. But I don't know if I can be
of much help. I have a few years of experience in programming, but I am
not very used to C and UNIX and also have not very much time. 

Please tell me when someone has a Linux running on a Sony or Dec box.
Both seem to be quite simular. Possibly I'll try to get it onto my
machine then. 

Ciao, Matthias
Matthias Heidbrink
Helmstedter Str.20
10717 Berlin
Tel. +49-30-8536361


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