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Re: Hello, I want in!

Subject: Re: Hello, I want in!
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 11:58:13 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ralf Baechle" at Jul 30, 96 05:56:44 pm
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Hi folks,

Amit (sp?) wrote:

> > I work for DEC, and have at hand at least 2 machines that might be
> > worth examining, both might become available for me to do tests on.
> > I am working on getting another disk, so I can install Linux/MIPS
> > on them.
> > 
> > The machines are:
> > 
> > DECstation 5000/133
> > DECstation 3100
> > 
> > I have a 24-Bit screen card on the 5000, and would like to know if
> > there is any chance of running Ultrix native binaries in Linux/MIPS
> > as they do for Linux/Alpha and Digital Unix binaries.
> So far noone has worked on Ultrix compatibility.  The SGI port features
> IRIX compatibility.  As the DEC port has reached the state of basic
> useability binary compatibility is definately on the to-do list, but
> noone has worked on it yet.

This is true - though somewhat down the to-do list as most people with
DECstations are more interested in throwing out anything to do with
Ultrix at this point :-)

> > Also, I'd love to help. If you have ideas about things you want to 
> > know about the above systems, let me know. I cannot promise anything
> > but I sure will try to help with information.
> This offer is _very_ welcome.  The lack of complete documentation for the
> is probably the thing that so far has slowed down the port to the MIPS
> based DECstations most.  I've not worked directly for DEC targets; probaly
> Paul Antoine will probably tell what is missing.

What's missing are the full Functional Specifications for the 5000
series, particularly the 5000/[23][035] and the 5000/1xx models.

There are internal DEC documents which John 'maddog' Hall is trying to
get cleaned up for general publication.  John's been a bit busy
recently (as have I), so things are moving forward more slowly than
we'd like.

As for the general Status of the DEC Port (tm): I've begun integrating
the DECstation code into 2.0.x, though I'm worried that I should be
waiting for the work done by David Miller to be integrated before
doing much more work on the DEC portion, as he appears to have done
some fantastic stuff on R3000 code.

I also want to make sure that anything Didier has done on
R3000-specific code is included as well, so that the DEC port can take
full advantage of it.

Anyway, once I have 2.0.x booting to where the current 1.3.68 code
does, Ralf and I will need to co-ordinate things!

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