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Hello, I want in!

Subject: Hello, I want in!
From: Amit Margalit <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 13:01:01 +0300

I work for DEC, and have at hand at least 2 machines that might be
worth examining, both might become available for me to do tests on.
I am working on getting another disk, so I can install Linux/MIPS
on them.

The machines are:

DECstation 5000/133
DECstation 3100

I have a 24-Bit screen card on the 5000, and would like to know if
there is any chance of running Ultrix native binaries in Linux/MIPS
as they do for Linux/Alpha and Digital Unix binaries.

Also, I'd love to help. If you have ideas about things you want to 
know about the above systems, let me know. I cannot promise anything
but I sure will try to help with information.


Amit Margalit (Software Support Digital Israel)
All information in the above mail message is personal, and does not
imply on my employer. None of it should be attributed to my employer.

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