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From: Jan Paul Stegeman <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 13:30:54 +0200
Organization: Siteways Webservices

I've got a few questions for you. I checked out your Linux/MIPS page
and I became very interested in the project.

Since three years, I've been running (and hacking) Linux on my 486-
"thing" at home. At my work (I'm a system operator / programmer /
technician) I have access to a lot of different SGI workstations and
servers. A few (say 20) of Indy's, some Indigo's, some Challenge-S
servers, and a Challenge XL.

That is immediately my biggest problem: SGI workstations are never
mentioned inside your site. So I wonder if there is support at all for
SGI Stations; a strange thing, since MIPS is in fact 'an SGI company'.

If SGI is on the list of supported computers, I would gladly join the
project. My experience:

        Unix:   4.4BSD (internals), SVR4 (internals)
                IRIX internals (as far as that's possible with SGI :-)
        Programming: C, x86 Assembler, Pascal, etc.
        Computers: I'm a computer engineer, so that's no problem
        And a lot of SGI experience.

I hope to hear from you. Meanwhile, I'll check out the distributions or
sources for the project.


Jan Paul Stegeman
Siteways Webservices
tel: 020-4220800

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