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Subject: Re: SGI
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 08:51:40 -0700
There are two efforts going, both of which are happily feeding off each
other (or at least the SGI stuff is feeding off of the Linux-mips stuff).

THe SGI hardware is different than the other stuff out there - the other
stuff looks more like a PC, has PC byte order, PC devices, etc.  THe
SGI hardware is, well, SGI hardware.

We are just getting started with the Linux/SGI (I dunno what we want
to call it) effort.  It is currently booting single user over NFS
on an Indy, we just got a disk driver last night.  It runs IRIX 
binaries (elf, and maybe some day old COFF binaries) as long as
we've added all the little IRIX isms.  SO far, stuff like sed, awk,
that sort of thing, works.

The intent is that you will be able to choose to run either IRIX or
Linux, with either all free userland (standard Linux) or all IRIX
binaries (maybe a few things have to get wacked, like ps).

The guy doing all the work (or at least 99% of it) is David Miller, the
Sparc/Linux guy.  We bought him :-)

Larry McVoy     (415) 933-1804

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