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NWS3260 port

Subject: NWS3260 port
From: Andrew Sharpe <asharpe@sco.COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 22:54:57 PDT

        I have a Sony NEWS NWS-3260 (basically, a 3250 with more base
        memory). I bought the machine with the original OS on it
        (NEWS-OS 4.0R), and I have no installation media for it. It
        works quite well, but if I lose any critical files...
        Therefore, I'm extremely interested in the Linux/Mips project.
        Any information that you have would be greatly appreciated. In
        addition, I have been a Unix kernel engineer for about 20
        years. Most of my experience has been on System V based
        platforms, and Intel architectures, but I might be able to
        assist you in some way.

                Thanks very much,

                        Andrew Sharpe

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