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I own a Mips MAGNUM RC3330

Subject: I own a Mips MAGNUM RC3330
From: (Lahaye Olivier)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 16:23:58 +0200
Hello, I've read linux-mips-faq.txt

So I have a mips box. not a wonderfull one, but good enought for my
personal use.

My config:

MAGNUM RC3330 Server (with expansion box: big box for nothing)
Monochome DISPLAY.
8Mb RAM :-(((((( It is almost unusable under MIPS-OS.
670Mb Hard Disk.
MIPS OS 4.3 If I remember well.

I'd Like to see linux on my box because:
 - it is up to date (shared libs / coff)
 - it is efficient
 - it is cheap
 - NetBSD doesn't run with mips processors ;-)
 - almost everything compile

What must I do ?

tahnks for answers.

LAHAYE Olivier, Athésa - Ph.:(1)  Fax: (1)
E-mail: [Sys Administrator CEA Fontenay FRANCE] [At Home]

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