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A little status report

Subject: A little status report
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 12:34:06 +0200 (MET DST)

just a quick report about what the status of my work is and what
I'm doing right now -

 - Kernel updated to Linux 2.0.0.  Kernels from 1.99.8 on aka
   pre2.0.8 will need the yet unreleased Milo 0.27.  Given the
   few time I had recently there are some known bugs and uncompleted
   new features in this release like ptrace(2) which should now
   partially be working and be good enough for strace (not tested ...).

 - Milo 0.27 is mostly ready for release.  I've run into some
   problems with it on the SNI ARC firmware, that's why we're
   still delaying it's release.
   Stoned, Andy, Dave and I have discussed the problem with the ARC
   firmware more than once again during the last weeks and we decieded
   to publish the entire Milo sources.  So Milo 0.27 will no longer be

 - Upgrade and cleaup of binutils.  I've got a snapshot of binutils
   960606 running on my system.  While I don't want yet my patches
   have into Cygnus release mainly due to the MIPS a.out stuff it
   contains I've used this snapshot to prepare patches for the
   soon to expect next official release.

 - Upgrade and cleanup of glibc.  I'm now running a snapshot of GNU libc
   960609 and have prepared binary releases of it for little and big endian
   targets.  Right now as I'm writing this I'm trying the first build of
   GNU libc with shared libs.  Looks good so far :-)

I still have to do some Linux/MIPS related paperwork now that I've got a
bit more time again.  I just wanted to get all this digital stuffs out
as you people are waiting for it much more than on this burocracy.
Sorry to those of you who are actually waiting for snailmail from me ...


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