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Re: DS5000/120

Subject: Re: DS5000/120
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 01:16:41 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Michael Engel" at Jun 3, 96 07:00:58 pm

> > I fixed the problems with Sinix by replacing it with Linux on my RM200 :-)

Small correction: it wasn't Sinix but NT that I replaced on the RM200 but
that was a even more evil problem :-)  I'll ask SNI for a copy of Sinix
so that I can build a big endian Linux/MIPS able to coexist with Sinix.

> OK, now I know I'll refuse the offer to get a free MX2 I got some weeks ago ;)

Now you know why it has been offered to you ...  (But on the other hand -
the hardware is about the most reliable I know.  The machine I mentioned
was standing in a room for two days into which the water was running
through a hole in the roof.  It works and works and works and ...

> Hmmm, this all reminds me of our old TI S1500. This machine is a multi-
> processor 68030/040 system with a mixture of SVR2 and SVR3 Unix. Once, Texas
> Instruments decided they needed TCP/IP for their system. They forgot to :
> - include NFS :(

  The MX2 doesn't have NFS also.

> - include a lpr client
> - include a lpr server
> (and I wasn't able to compile either ...)

Hmm, was your problem that you didn't find any socket function in a
library?  One of the minor problems ...


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