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Re: DS5000/120

Subject: Re: DS5000/120
From: Michael Engel <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 16:25:38 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Paul Antoine" at Jun 3, 96 11:22:30 pm
Hi Paul,
> > a friend of mine and I recently acquired two DecStations 5000/120 in working
> > condition (for free :)). After stealing 16 MB out of a dead DS3100, both 
> > machines work fine with a terminal connected to serial port 2 as console.
> Cool!

Now comes the best thing. I managed to boot the DS5000 via tftp from a Linux/
intel system (no problem, I've set up diskless Sun client for years :)) and 
tried to boot linux-1.3.62.dec.tar.gz from and - voila! -
it started to spill out messgaes on the console ! The system is correctly
detected as DecStation 5000/1xx and continues to boot (I haven't got the 
exact messages, but I can reproduce them) until the line 

Clearing memory

(or was that "testing memory" ? I did all that last Friday and had to struggle
with a different MIPS box - a Siemens MX400 (running SINIX - urgh !)) over
the weekend ...) appears.
Then the system hangs and doesn't even react when pressing the reset button
on the back, I have to switch power to bring the DS5000 back to life.
But I was very impressed that I came this far !!! Fine work !
[availability of DS5000/120 documentation]
> The reason you can't find them is that they are not publically available.
> DEC has made them available to individuals at different times but has
> not published them.  This is about to change however, as my good friend
> John "Maddog" Hall at DEC is getting them cleaned up and approved for
> publication.

Sounds good. I just wondered because DS3100 and 5000/200 documentation is
on gatekeeper.
> Stay tuned to this exciting channel... in fact, I may well be able to
> visit maddog personally next week while I'm in the area so I'll try
> to get an update.
Fine ! 

        Michael Engel   (

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