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Re: Deskstation info

Subject: Re: Deskstation info
From: Per Fogelstrom <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 18:00:52 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Systemkennung Linux" at May 13, 96 04:17:15 pm
> > btw, mips shared lib stuff now runs really good on OpenBSD. the X11 bin
> > dir shrinked to about 20% of what it was before. :-)
> Who wonders.  I know that the stuff will shrink without end.  But now that
> I have a 32m MIPS box the static binaries don't hurt that extremly anymore.

Heh! When you start to port X you will change your mind! I also have 32Mb
in my pica system but there is also disk space. If a program needs 1M disk
or 100kb really matters when you start to have 100's of them.

> I could have done the shared library stuff quite some time ago but I want
> to avoid working with a binutils snapshot.  You know how these guys from
> the FSF and Cygnus think about publishing snapshots.  You now how all these
> people'd like to get these binaries ...
Sure you could have. But to what avail? Shared libs are not important until
you can rebuild the system native. I've been able to do that for about a year
now so shared libs was a natural next step. (after X11 and some other stuff). 
The snapshots are not perfect, but according to all the patches you've done
to get 2.6.0 to work like you want it, "relesed" versions aren't either.
However, having it working on OpenBSD helped to get several bugs out so when
it's finally released it will be a more stable release.

> I don't track the BSD flavourism very closely, so why did you switch to
> OpenBSD?
I like the people.

Have fun!


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