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Re: Deskstation info

Subject: Re: Deskstation info
From: Per Fogelstrom <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 13:42:34 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Systemkennung Linux" at May 13, 96 11:40:17 am
> Yes, you're right; this effect is bizzare and cannot be explained with some
> pagefill effect because it is running in KSEG0.  If this machine wouldn't be
> that PC-like I'd say the timers are running at a different clock.  So I'll
> check this timer...

Easy.. get the count register before and after the loop and check how
many clock ticks it took, divide by number of loops...

btw, mips shared lib stuff now runs really good on OpenBSD. the X11 bin
dir shrinked to about 20% of what it was before. :-)

now, if i had a big endian machine besides the pica... :-)

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