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Re: Booting 1.3.96, kinda

Subject: Re: Booting 1.3.96, kinda
From: (Linux Support)
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 04:56:34 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at May 12, 96 04:49:29 pm
Hi Warner,

> OK.  I've managed to bring 1.3.96 up on the Deskstation to the same
> level that I've been able to get previous releases up to (namely the
> mounting of root on my floppy failing).  I'll be sending Ralf the
> changes that I have.

Ok, I'll try to integrate them into my source tree though this is now
a bit more difficult ...

> On disturbing trend in all of this is that my 1.3.62 kernel was 600273
> bytes (as reported by size), while my 1.3.96 kernel (exact same
> config) is 626081 bytes.  All the revs (almost) inbetween that I
> compiled were bigger than the previous ones.  This bodes not well me
> thinks.  At least the 640k limit is history for me, so I'm much less
> worried now than I was before.  

The workaround for the 640k problem (Bill is watching you ...) is buggy
in your release.  When freeing the memory I've freed ALL memory from
0-640kb - even the copy of the exception handlers.  This should have
affected you yet ...

> Oh well, time to see if I can get the BusLogic driver working so I can
> have SCSI.  Maybe the floppy is just busted and the hard disk will be
> better (I fear this is wishful thinking on my part because I think
> there are DMA problems with the kernel on my machine that I've not yet
> fixed).  Also noticing some oddities in the output of Ctrl-ScrollLock,
> namely there is a swapper process whose pid keeps getting bigger.  It
> is a child of swapper process of pid 1.  Maybe nothing to worry about,
> so I won't until I get the DMA issues ironed out.

Your kernel is trying to start /bin/sh again and again but fails each
time trying ...

You might really try to use NFS root; it's extremly usefull for development.


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