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Booting 1.3.96, kinda

Subject: Booting 1.3.96, kinda
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 16:49:29 -0600
OK.  I've managed to bring 1.3.96 up on the Deskstation to the same
level that I've been able to get previous releases up to (namely the
mounting of root on my floppy failing).  I'll be sending Ralf the
changes that I have.

On disturbing trend in all of this is that my 1.3.62 kernel was 600273
bytes (as reported by size), while my 1.3.96 kernel (exact same
config) is 626081 bytes.  All the revs (almost) inbetween that I
compiled were bigger than the previous ones.  This bodes not well me
thinks.  At least the 640k limit is history for me, so I'm much less
worried now than I was before.  

Oh well, time to see if I can get the BusLogic driver working so I can
have SCSI.  Maybe the floppy is just busted and the hard disk will be
better (I fear this is wishful thinking on my part because I think
there are DMA problems with the kernel on my machine that I've not yet
fixed).  Also noticing some oddities in the output of Ctrl-ScrollLock,
namely there is a swapper process whose pid keeps getting bigger.  It
is a child of swapper process of pid 1.  Maybe nothing to worry about,
so I won't until I get the DMA issues ironed out.


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