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Re: GCC crosscompiler problem on Alpha

Subject: Re: GCC crosscompiler problem on Alpha
From: Thomas Bogendoerfer <>
Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 18:39:06 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Systemkennung Linux" at May 8, 96 09:23:15 pm
> Interesting; acutally GAS doesn't know dli yet at all and should complain.
> One of a couple of bugs that prevent us from really going 64bit.

?? Gas from binutils must know it (and it does). Also gcc 2.7.2
produces dli statements. Look at this (it's from the 386 gcc, but
my alpha gcc produces the same):

 1008 0800 01001224             li      $18,0x00000001          # 1
 1009 0804 0000143C             la      $20,task
 1009      00009466 
 1010 080c 01001324             dli     $19,0x100000000
 1010      3C981300 
 1011 0814 2D180000             move    $3,$0
this is from mm/vmscan.c function swap_out.

> This is indeed a bug in the assembler.

which one ? alpha or 386 assembler ?


That process _deserves_ to die ("My name is Linus Torvalds, prepare to 
die").                                [Linus Torvalds on linux-kernel]

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